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The "Kieler Sprotte" - a kind of sprat – has helped Kiel gain world fame. Usually, the Sprotte can be found nestled inside small wooden boxes, packed with many others of its kind, smoked to a lovely golden color, ready for savoring ...

The term “Kieler Sprotte”, however, is also used to label those living in the Kiel region. Most prominent among them are the “Kieler Jungs” - young men who tend to spend their free time in small bars packed with their friends, savoring golden beer, the smoke of cigarettes, and good music...

The “hand-made” music from Kiel has a special sound. No matter which style of music is being played, it always sounds very “sprottig” - particularly if the number of “Kieler Sprotten” outweighs the rest of the players in a band. 
(Translated by: Frauke Schindel)

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