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Blind Man's Buff

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Blind Man's Buff


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Being musicians and sailing enthusiasts who really feel most comfortable on deck of any old fishy bunch of planks, we are dedicating our repertoire to the music we love the best: “sea music”, as we like to call it, with a taste of wind and salt…

Shanties – the songs to go along with the work on deck, giving the hauling and heaving the right rhythm. We like to sing them a capella or with a tasty instrumental backup.

Forebitters – the songs that were and are sung off watch on the foc’sle near the “forebitts”, where the salts take out their instruments to tell their news and stories from around the world.

Dance tunes – tunes well known on board or in smelly pubs on the quaysides – to keep Jack and his mates in a good mood.

And of course many other sea songs – original composed or traditional, which tell their stories about the life on board or on the waterfront. There are songs about the landlubbers' view of life on the sea, songs about wives and children waiting for Jack to come home again, songs from the merchants and workers in the fishing industry or songs about seamen who went to earn their living in landlubber’s jobs, such as mining or railway work.

We try to steer far off the wrong, romantic view of sailor’s life. Therefore we always tell facts and news about life onboard together with our musical program – of course, there will be the odd yarn as well…

Our unique and typical “Blind Man’s Buff sound” comes from the strong four voiced settings and our powerful and tasty instrumental arrangements which are also open for modern influences.

Line-up (f.r.t.l.): 
Erik Frotscher: Guitar, Vocals
Kerstin Lorenzen: Whistles, Melodeon, Vocals
Roland Lorenzen: Mandolin, Fiddle, Bodhrán, Vocals

Andreas Köpke: Bouzouki, Tenor guitar, Banjo, Concertina, 
Bodhrán, Vocals

(Text: Blind Man's Buff)


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