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Celtic Cowboys



Greengrass meets Bluegrass

Since 2009, the Celtic Cowboys have been one of the most unusual bands of the German music scene. Their favourite styles of music are manifold and span Country, Irish Folk, Western Swing, a touch of Bluegrass, over to Skiffle, and up to Blues and Rock 'n' Roll. This makes for a stirring mix, and guarantees any concert becoming a real experience. Doesn't fit ? You'll be surprised !

In December 2011, the Celtic Cowboys won the German Rock & Pop Award with their CD "A Simple Life" in the category Best Country Album 2011.

Deputy Dirk (guitar, vocals), Flanger Ranger (guitar, vocals), Sitting Bumm (percussions), Mando Marshal (mandolin, banjo, vocals), and Brian McMarnoch (double bass, vocals) of the Innes clan are going on tour, carried by the tailwind of the Awards Ceremony.

In their current programme, the Celtic Cowboys show that not only do they know their instruments inside out, but also give a new sound to old classics from both Atlantic coasts with their varied and enjoyable new arrangements. This follows the development of the last centuries during which Europe's music first influenced American Folk and later returned as music „made in USA“, revolutionising Europe's music scene. In this way, the Celtic Cowboys blend the songs of the prairie and Route 66 with traditional melodies of the Green Isle, combining old Irish tunes with Western classics. On their current CD release „A Simple Life“, the five musicians prove that not only to they hold a combined stage experience of over 100 years but also that they are innovative singers/songwriters. The majority of the tracks on this CD are their own compositions, holding true to their fresh style and combining elements of the transatlantic music scene.


Line-up (v.l.n.r.): 
Hartmut Markmann: Guitar, Vocals
Dirk Schulze: Guitar, Vocals
Andreas Schürmann: Cajon, Bodhrán, Accordeon
Guido Plüschke: Mandolin, 
Banjo, Bouzouki, Tenor guitar, Vocals
Christian Niehues: Double Bass, Vocals

(Text: Celtic Cowboys)


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