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Daddy Was A Driver




The band was born in march 2005 in Bologna (Italy) as Earl and the Losers. At the beginning they used to play only self-written instrumental surf music, except for a pair of Link Wray covers. The Greek label Fuzz Overdose Records has released Earl and the Losers' debut album, intitled "Maximum Surf'n'Western From Tortello Town". After few months the line up has changed; at the same time the newly born DeSoto (Maurizio, Gabriele, Marco, Enrico) started to introduce in their repertoire some "songs" written in the last 7 years by Maurizio, while instrumental tracks turned into a more Italian Spaghetti Western sound. 

The influence of the “songs” comes from the sixties (Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Neil Young, Dylan, Lee Hazlewood, ecc) and from the American Alternative country scene (Giant Sand, Howe Gelb, Calexico, Uncle Tupelo etc). The guys also love trad country stuff (Johnny Cash, Hank Williams), low-down blues (John Lee Hooker, Jimmy Reed etc), vintage rock'n'roll, garage (Sonics)...until the seventies punk. Big influences are also movies by Sergio Leone and David Lynch. In june 2008 they booked a studio and recorded 12 of these songs, then flought to Tucson, Arizona, and mixed the tracks in the famous WaveLab Studios to get that great desert sound. 

In April 2009, due to legal reasons, they decided to change band name in DADDY WAS A DRIVER! 

Their first album, mixed and co-produced by Craig Schumacher of Wavelab studios, is coming out next summer with ZipRecords (San Francisco, USA)

Line-up (f.l.t.r.): 
Maurizio Guidoni: Guitar, Vocals
Gabriele Balducci: Bass, Vocals
Enrico Soverini: Drums

Marco Gisfredi: Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals

(Text: Daddy Was A Driver)


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