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“Kieler Sprotten”

Blind Man's Buff

Late Harvest
hans dans
Erik & Anders
Top It Off
Le Vent du Nord
Painted Green
The Beverly Band
Celtic Cowboys
Lighthouse Lads
Erik solo
Daddy Was A Driver



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Erik Frotscher sings and plays pieces from Irish folk music, maritime music, shanties, bluegrass, American folk, heavy metal and everything that makes fun. His program is suitable for all occasions: private, public, on board, in the garden, under the marquee, etc.

Erik has a long history of experience in Schleswig-Holstein's folk scene. He currently plays in the bands Blind Man's Buff, Late Harvest and Top It Off, and together with Andreas Köpke as the duo Erik & Anders. Because his fellow musicians call him as "super-brain", he plays in his performances from all of these repertoires, and much more. 


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