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Late Harvest


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Late Harvest – Bluegrass… Folk… just: Folk n’ Grass!

Late Harvest - whoops, sweet wine is normally not our first choice. But as we all three have already been with music for a good few years and we would like to do that for further decades the name suits very good for the „years to come“.

Late Harvest prefers to play good folksongs from the USA or England, whereby with the varied mixture of our instruments now and then also borrows are made from Cajun and Bluegrass. On the drawer of our musical style stands therefore in large letters: Folk ’n Grass. Our repertoire includes pieces of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Tom Forgerty, Chris Jones, Alan Hull, Dougie MacLean, John Hiatt, John Reischmann, Manfred Mann or the Barenaked Ladies, just to name only some.

Late Harvest can be booked for all possible occasions: 
appearances in taverns, concerts in clubs and medium halls, cultural events, family celebrations, festivities nearly any kind - inside or outside, for young and old, for old and for new, to red or white wine... There is no limit for the fantasy. We bring our music to all places which can be reached with customary means of transportation, guaranteed!

Line-up (f.l.t.r.): 
Andreas Köpke: Mandolin, Dobro, Jazz-Bouzouki, Vocals
Erik Frotscher: Guitar, 5-string Banjo, Vocals
Martin: Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals

(Text: Late Harvest, Translation: Kirsten Denker)


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