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Painted Green


20.08.2011   8 p.m
Kasino Fachklinik

Painted Green is a border crossing folk band from the German-Danish border region. The band was founded in 2001 and consists of six musicians:
Eileen Bridges (fiddle), Jan Fischer (mandolin, mandola, guitar, bodhrán and voice),
Karl Fischer (bass and voice), Casper Schack (guitar and voice), Thomas Dohn (accordion, banjo, fiddle, concertina and voice), René Rasmussen (voice).

One half of the band is from Denmark and the other half is from Germany.

Painted Green plays Irish-Scottish folk music, but not only from the British Isles. Their repertoire comes from Ireland, Scotland, England, Canada, USA, Scandinavia and Germany.

Often they get their inspirations from the Tønder-Festival. They’re playing traditional jigs and reels in their own arrangements and from Great Big Sea, The Bills, North Cregg, John Hiatt, ULC, Lúnasa, Danú and Old Blind Dogs.

(Text: Painted Green, Translation: Kirsten Denker)


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