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News on Folk–Heaven in Kiel!

The fact for Michael (Lemmi) Lempelius, Andreas Köpke and Erik Frotscher to join a band together was really only a matter of time. All three like hearty and strong-arranged songs from Irland, Scottland or England and they have already been in various formationsfor several years . When they call their new band "Top It Off", insiders know immediatly - this is the title of the first "Black Bush" CD from 1994 - and of course they have revived the most beautiful pieces of yesteryear. They'll play also the highlights from the "Blind Man's Buff" repertoire and a whole lot of new songs and tunes. To hear is a lively and compact mix, virtuosically and with a large number of interesting instruments. In early 2009 they will record the first CD.

Line-up (f.l.t.r.): 
Erik Frotscher: Guitar, Vocals
Andreas Köpke: Banjo, Concertina, Resonator Tenor Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
Micheal Lempelius: Bouzouki, Mandolin, Mandola, Whistles, Vocals

(Text: Top It Off, Translation: Kirsten Denker)

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