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Erik & Anders

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19 July 2009
Bühne WSA Wiese,
Travemünder Woche,

11-13 September 2009
Vlieland Folk Festival,
Vlieland, Netherlands

Erik & Anders
appeared according to unconfirmed reports at different places at the same time. Sounds strange but proves the extremely mobility of the two musicians. You’ll see, hardly they are booked they will pack their eight things and arrive at your place. 

What’s to hear: Irish Folk, maritime sounds, Shanties, Bluegrass, American Folk, heavy metal, - and all with acoustic instruments like: Guitar, Resonator-Tenor-Guitar, Concertina, Bodhrán, Banjos and Bouzouki; in addition to the strong two-part singing of Erik & Anders

Suitable to all occasions: Privately, publicly, on board, in the garden, under a marquee or at the Color Line Arena, etc...

Please send your booking enquiry to our agency „Sprottensound“ and we will see what we can do for you. 

Line-up (f.r.t.l.): 
Andreas Köpke: Banjo, Bouzouki, Tenor guitar, Concertina, Bodhrán, Mandolin, Dobro, Vocals
Erik Frotscher: Guitar, 5-string Banjo, Vocals

(Text: Erik & Anders, Translation: Kirsten Denker)

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