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folksdans & kandidel

hans dans got together in the late summer of 2005 and during rehearsals soon realised how well we harmonised.

Since then we have got on like a house on fire and with an audience the sparks just fly. They hop, turn, jig and waltz till the steam rises. Pair-dances, rounds or mixed dances for whoever wants to join in. 

But typical North Germans who may prefer to enjoy the music sitting down also have plenty of opportunity to clap, sway and sing along to the music. We play dance music from Wrist to Viborg and Katingsiel to Kopenhagen in unusual arrangements. When the dancers take a breather they can listen to lyrically arranged songs and relax to instrumentals. We delight in teasing out unexpected arrangements and harmonies.

After our brilliant debut in Kiel event-organisers have been queuing up!

Our performances at folk baltica, the Danz Folk Festival in Mölln or the Travemünde Port Day were enthusiastically received by audiences, organisers, reviewers (and us) alike.

We prefer playing unplugged in barn-dance mode, but we can easily transfer to large and small stages, performing in concert or as a dance accompaniment with easy-to-follow dancing instructions.

While the couples are turning the music soars to ever greater heights...

Line-up (f.l.t.r.):
Kay Kankowski: Guitar, Vocals
Rainer Schwarz: Accordion, Vocals
Kerstin Lorenzen: Accordion, Whistles, Vocals
Roland Lorenzen: Fiddle, Mandolin, Vocals
Peter Boll: Fiddle, Vocals
Jörg Carstens: Double bass, Vocals

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